Libs of TikTok busted a trans activist offering to sell prescription hormone drugs to anyone even without a prescription. Gosh, we’re not experts but that sounds like super totally illegal to us.

Heck, even the trans activist who did it, Eli Erlick, says it’s illegal …

Watch this:

It’s adorable how Erlick doesn’t think parents or even doctors should have a say in whether or not minors should be able to access and take hormone drugs.

This is some scary stuff, you guys.

Especially because our children are the targets …

Selling illegal hormone drugs is only a bandaid.

Alrighty then.

Yup. Big Tech is too busy suspending accounts like James Lindsay for calling out adults for sexualizing children. Yeah, that’s apparently a big no-no.


Oooooh, we thought they looked familiar.


Wonder if Eli will thank us for the free advertising as well?



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