It’s adorable how the Left/Democrats are pretending Republicans only take issue with 87,000 FREAKIN’ NEW IRS AGENTS because they don’t want the rich paying their taxes. Forget that we’ve seen chart after chart proving these agents will be looking at lower and middle-class Americans, but Democrats know their supporters will buy anything they’re selling. Heck, they still believe the rich (who pay over 40% of all income taxes) are somehow not paying their fair share.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates clearly did not think before he tweeted this nonsense out.

This guy does know he works for Biden, right? You know, Hunter’s dad who is literally under investigation right this very minute over his taxes.

Let’s try this …

Find someone who looks the other way the way Democrats have with Biden’s degenerate, drug-addicted, deadbeat-dad of a son.

Hey, they started it.

Man, we hope so.

It really is laughable at this point.


So very, very earned.

But you know, Republicans BAD.

And then Matt Whitlock just DECIMATED him:

Gosh, it’s almost like Democrats are big ol’ freakin’ tax cheats.

Good times.



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