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Oh honey, NO! Rep. Val Demmings claiming 50 top military leaders say Inflation Reduction Act will protect us from climate-related threats BACKFIRES

Democrat Rep. Val Demmings is really really really trying to push people to believe the Inflation Reduction Act her party is likely about to force on all Americans into is a good thing. Granted, as a Democrat, she sees raising taxes on everyone making $30K or more as a good thing, but the rest of us know this entire bill (which is basically the Green New Deal with a new name) sucks donkey.

It’s cute though that she thinks we’re going to believe military leaders are saying this bill will magically protect us from climate-related threats.

The same military that cares more about pronouns than security now? Really?

Run for your liiiiiiiiiives.

That one guy … oh, and another guy

Oh, and that other guy … yeah, totally.

This didn’t go over well, like at all.

Awww yes, Obama’s military.

Duh … they totally do.


We do we do!

Ridiculous is putting it nicely.

Us too.

Yeah, we’ll go with that.



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