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'I'm gay, now I want 6 kids'! Blue-check wants to make it 'socially unacceptable' for anyone to have more than 2 children, pisses EVERYONE off

Blaming children for climate change. Stay classy, climate cult.

Full disclosure, we have no idea who Matthew Stadlen even is, but it would appear Twitter thinks enough of him and his opinion to verify him. And with opinions like this one, basically pushing depopulation to battle climate change because he thinks having more than two kids as the world burns is ‘not ok’, we’re not the least bit surprised.


It’s like Twitter picks the worst of the worst to verify.


Not ok?


You know what’s not ok? Telling people how many kids they can or can’t have. If he wants a policy like that he should move to Communist China.


Slightly provocative.

In other words, he’s trolling.

He should definitely not reproduce.

That seems fair.

Psh, why not five?


That’s right!



We love that.


Pretty much.


Not sure there’s enough help out there for this guy …



Face it, this is NOT about the rich paying their fair share: Dems PROTECT those making $400k or more from being targeted by 87,000 new IRS agents

THIS! Carol Roth owns Paul Krugman (we know, it doesn’t take much) for claiming Biden has added more jobs than Trump in one PERFECT tweet

‘So yeah, I know it’s illegal’: Trans activist reacts to getting BUSTED by Libs of TikTok for attempting to sell prescription hormone drugs online (watch)

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