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'Liberal activist' bragging about her SUPER HIGH IQ and her MULTIPLE degrees from FANCY colleges one of the most hilariously trolled tweets EVER

Dear Reader,

We know you know our policy of not covering randos on Twitter because without that blue-check they could be anyone. HOWEVER, and join along if you know this rule as well as we do, if the person in question tweets something so hilarious, smart, horrible, awful, or stupid that it MUST be shared with the masses, we’ll write about it.


Especially when the trolling of the tweet is making it viral, like this from self-proclaimed liberal activist, ‘Karol Brown.’

Note, if you have to tell people you’re smart … eh.

Now, we can’t see what she’s responding to because those tweets are gone. And nobody can actually reply to Karol because she turned replies off BUT you know, Tweeps will always find a way.

So much dragging:


Fair question.

Great skill to have.

Ok, so we’re not supposed to use our own tweets but C’MON THAT’S FUNNY.

Not even close.

She’s the victim y’all.


And she’s clueless about the Second Amendment (even with that IQ and multiple degrees) but THAT’S another story.



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