Tell us you don’t know anything about school choice without telling us you don’t know anything about school choice. We realize the Left has no real way of fighting the actual reasoning behind pushing for school choice (aka wanting children to have the best education possible) so they have to go down this ridiculous road claiming Republicans want to DESTROY PUBLIC EDUCATION but c’mon … this is so dumb. Allowing choice would only hurt public schools that don’t perform.

Case in point, Wajahat Ali.

That’s not the end game, folks. And either Wajahat is too dense to know it OR he thinks the people who follow him are.

It’s disingenuous trolling at best.

Yeah, this guy is a hot mess.

Enter Corey DeAngelis …


Wajahat is really focused on smearing a huge group of people not only in America but the world.

It’s … really strange honestly. Someone should ask Wajahat if those evil Christian nationalists are in the room with him RIGHT NOW.

He thinks the only people who are pushing for school choice are Republicans, and he’s SO VERY wrong. The mistake Terry McAuliffe made in Virginia was thinking only Republican parents disagreed with him when it came to schools, and it cost him. They have to accept one of the most powerful voting blocs now (maybe THE most powerful) is parents.

It’s really that simple.

Womp womp.

But you know, Wajahat was on a roll!

Maybe the only way he gets any attention is when he writes really stupid stuff?

Just spitballin’.

And that’s what it really boils down to.

Sad, but true.



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