We’re starting to think Taylor Lorenz is her own worst enemy. As Twitchy readers know, Libs of TikTok mocked TF out of Taylor for complaining that ‘men’ were stalking her at live events and that wasn’t fair because she’s a woman journalist or something. To be honest, we weren’t entirely sure what her tweets of perpetual victimhood were really saying, but we THINK the gist was, ‘Poor me, I’m so popular that men stalk me in public and stuff.’

Welp, sounds like the ‘man’ who was ‘stalking’ her was actually NOT stalking her and happens to be a minority with autism.

Check out this thread and his post:

Talk about mental.

Keep going, it gets better (worse?).

Her PUBLIC posts.

Now, anyone with any sort of a following should know that people may like what they write and post enough to reshare it. That’s not creepy or weird, that’s social media.

This is EXACTLY what Taylor does on a daily basis except she takes it a step further and visits the homes of their family members and friends.


Why not both?



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