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Is he gonna CRY ... again?! Adam Kinzinger tries using Josh Hawley to pick a fight with Tucker Carlson and HOO BOY it does NOT go well for him

It all started here with a tweet from Tucker Carson’s account about interviewing Steve Bannon.


Now, you’d think a legislator sitting on a very important committee doing very important things like PROTECTING DEMOCRACY wouldn’t make light of any evidence they’ve presented … but apparently Adam Kinzinger thought this was an appropriate time to pick a fight with Tucker.

At Josh Hawley’s expense.

Sure, pick a fight with Tucker. Let us know how that works out for you, Adam.

Not sure why he thought this was a good idea …

Someone wanna get Adam a tissue?

It’s pretty damn pathetic.



OOOOH, we get it.

*hint, we always got it*


A joke at taxpayer’s expense no less.

He’s a jerk.

That’s it. That’s the explanation.



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