Boy oh boy (see what we did there), The Lincoln Project has really become nothing more than a hyped-up troll account with a blue check since Trump left office. Oh sure, the same lemmings who have always bought into the idea that these BRAVE Republicans have put country over party are still around barking like brain-injured sea lions on everything they tweet but nobody who really matters seems to care much about them. In fact, their fan base is probably the moronic 30% of the country who still think Biden is doing a good job.

See Jennifer Rubin.

You can tell they’re floundering when they send tweets like this:


Guess how this went over:

Ahem, Biden?

He’s been pretty damn awful and the country is really struggling … but you know, TRUMP MEAN.

Yeah, man.

We’ve been seeing them try and take jabs at DeSantis … but the grift doesn’t seem to translate quite as well when it’s a Republican the majority of the party really likes. They fed on the division on the Right, they pushed it, and now the only people who really care about them don’t vote for Republicans anyway.

Womp womp, guys.

There it is.



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