Pardon our French, but what an a-hole this guy is.

Mike Collier thinks he’s the good guy bragging about keeping kids in crappy schools and calling children WHO WOULD BENEFIT from school vouchers, vultures.

We suppose Democrats are gonna Democrat, and teacher’s unions LOVE it when Democrats trash school choice and claim they’ll protect the teachers and the system (not the students) but this was poor. And what makes it even more obnoxious is it looks like he’s reading some of this.

What a toad.


No, Patrick wants to make sure students get the best education possible.

He’s not there for the system of the unions … unlike Mike here.

And listen to those harpies cheer.

He will fight for the schools.

Not the kids.

Only teacher’s unions really want to stop school vouchers, Mike. You’re on the wrong side of history.

As we saw in Virginia, parents on BOTH sides of the political aisle are done playing and will vote to make sure teacher’s unions are never ever allowed again to keep children out of classrooms and or forcibly mask them. These unions showed their true colors during the lockdowns, and any politician trying to appeal to them for a win … is going to lose.

Ask Terry McAuliffe.



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