So … a group of alleged Nazis showed up outside the Turning Point Summit yesterday and *GASP* they had a DeSantis flag.


HA ha.


You guys remember when they pulled this crap in Virginia during the Youngkin campaign? We were seeing flyers all over the state (grammatically perfect, pretty flyers mind you) and when the neo-Nazis FINALLY showed up at a campaign stop, they turned out to be Democrats.

Now, The Lincoln Project claimed they sent them but deep down we all knew who really sent them. Themselves. Or McAuliffe … it was Democrats who think people are dumb enough to believe neo-Nazis are just chomping at the bit to support Republicans. Granted, these are the same mouth-breathers who think Trump called neo-Nazis very fine people but still.

Tayler Hansen was good enough to interact with the crazy and ‘exposed’ them for who they likely really are. We also noticed the crisp fold marks in the flags.


They also claim it wasn’t planned, they all just sort of showed up.


Scratch a Nazi, find a fed? A Democrat?

And of course, they don’t represent Conservatives. This is red meat for idiots in the media who desperately want to paint the Right as some militant fascist regime … when the real regime is in the White House right now. Sorry, not sorry.

Yup, this editor isn’t convinced it’s not just a bunch of Antifa or Democrats (that’s what it was here in Virginia) but no matter what, we know these are fake Nazis.

Thank God.

Khaki shorts.





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