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Blue-check science writer takes Eric Feigl-Ding APART for jumping on the 'OMG, REEE, #MONKEYPOX' bandwagon/grift in receipt-filled thread

Eric Feigl-Ding is SO excited about another virus! He can’t wait! And the latest, greatest virus that he hopes will shut the country and the world down again is MONKEYPOX. And gosh golly gee, Eric really really really hopes the virus is airborne because otherwise, this isn’t happening.


But if he can pretend the virus (that is usually spread by physical contact) is AIRBORNE than he can start pushing lockdowns and masking again.

Yeah, he stinks.

Benjamin Ryan, a science writer who has been featured in the New York Times, The Guardian, NBC News, etc., was good enough to take Eric and his grift apart.

95% were likely transmitted via sex between men.

Yikes, Eric.

Gosh, you’d think a doctor like Eric would respect the science, right?


And will not garner lockdowns or masks on children.

Too bad, so sad.


That he is.



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