You know, you really haven’t lived up to being the child of an Oscar-winning actor like Richard Dreyfuss until you’ve paid a drug addict $50 to let you HUNT THEM.

No, we’re not making that up.

Sounds like Ben Dreyfuss admitted to doing just THAT. Now now, plebes, don’t worry – he just used a paint gun.



We can see why he deleted this …

Or you know, if you take it out of context and tweet about it people fail to see the humor in it.


Like, where on Earth is this normal? Who just admits they exploited a drug addict for FUN FUN?

Guess they do this in Hollywood.

And he would pay him more if he made it further.


Seems Dreyfuss deleted a BUNCH of tweets.

But people still have thoughts about him hunting a drug addict for $50.

Annnd we’re officially dead.


Ya’ know, it’s just not something people do.

Or at least ADMIT doing.

Yeah, Mr. Empathy.

To be fair, we don’t see the humor in exploiting a drug addict for sport either.

Probably best that he deleted like … everything. Heh.



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