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'His words as he tried to stab me were, "You're done"': Rep. Lee Zeldin details attack in tweet (plus he was psychic, knew they'd release him)

Not sure which part of Lee Zeldin’s tweet is more disturbing, the details of the attack or the fact he KNEW they’d release his attacker.

Perhaps we should learn once again to embrace the power of AND.


Both are disturbing.

And as Twitchy readers know, they did already charge and release his attacker. Almost like MAGIC.

Unfortunately, it’s all too imaginable.


It doesn’t look like the guy is trying to shake his hand.

New York is definitely more criminal-friendly than victim-friendly these days.



AYFKM?! Man who attacked Rep. Lee Zeldin on stage during campaign rally charged and ALREADY released on his own recognizance

‘sMaRtLy DoNe’! Jennifer Rubin clapping like a sea lion over #JocularJoe Biden’s COVID video tells you JUST how stupid it really is

‘Shout out to the cameraman catching COVID from you’: Biden appears maskless in video talking about having COVID and HELLO backfire (watch)

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