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Mask-cult lefty mom BRAGS about embarrassing her daughter by wearing a mask to DUNK on 'Republican' mom at volleyball clinic and YIKES

We’ll start with listing our policy of not covering randos ONCE AGAIN unless what they tweet is just that awesome, awful, smart, or funny. At this point, we may just accept we cover randos because, for whatever reason, Twitter is empowering the unhinged and unkind like never before.


Not entirely sure why this mother thought it was a good idea to sort of drag her own child for being embarrassed by her masking in a car to play politics in her head with some Republican woman at a volleyball clinic but here we are.

Did she really use a middle finger emoji when writing about her own kid? REALLY?

Yikes, right? Sort of giving this editor this kind of vibe:

Mommy Dearest GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

She continued.

So she’s proving the other mom she’s fighting in her head, right? That’s her dunk? That’s her gotcha?

Alrighty then?

Oh, and you guys, her tweets aren’t even the worst … the responses celebrating her and bragging about wearing a mask prove this was always about politics. We know you knew that we knew you know that but yeah.


Holy Hell.

She sure showed us.

Would rather be mistaken for a virtue-signaling, masked, crazy person.

Hey, to each their own.

Take that, dad?

Who are these people?

Daughter embarrassing, level: pathetic.


It goes on and on and on this way. Other lefties cheering her on, ignoring the fact that her daughter is the one really getting trolled, not the ‘MAGA mom’.

The mask is, was, and always will be political you guys.

And the masked peeps are not the good guys. Clearly.



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