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'It's a SCAM': Red-pilled Russell Brand goes after globalist elites for using climate change to bankrupt farmers and 'grab their land' (watch)

Russell Brand continues to say things other people may not be comfortable saying. This bit about climate change and farmers is scary … and all too possible.


Green Ideology … bingo. And hearing him talk about the ‘Great Reset’? Wow. What’s really interesting is Russell is himself pretty green and even talks about how we should be treating our planet with love and respect. What globalists are trying to do is not about green, it’s about money and ultimately control.

In other words, what he said.


So very true. Years ago if we heard someone saying these things we’d have rolled our eyes and tried to keep our fingers away from their mouths, but now? The SCARIEST part of this is that it doesn’t sound all that insane.

And it ‘fits’, if that makes sense.

Man, we really hope so.



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