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Tom Elliott's thread of pro-aborts (including Rashida Tlaib) ranting about overturning Roe proves they're not sending their best and LOL (watch)


Democrats are not sending their best to defend abortion … just saying. Or, maybe they are and they’re just this bad at it. Tom Elliott was good enough to put a few of these yahoos together in a thread so we can all point and laugh at them at the same time.


First, there’s Rep. Bonnie Coleman. Bonnie not only thinks the court overturned Roe because of religion, but she thinks people will believe a 62-year-old in her office will still need abortions.

Watch this insanity:

Democrats have gotten their way for so long that they don’t know how to deal with a SCOTUS that actually adheres to the Constitution. This is not religion, this is not extremism, this is the reality of abortion never having been a right, and the court should never have protected it as such.

They get it wrong sometimes.

Then they correct it.

Oh wait, there’s more.

What? Who is they? What anti-abortion forces? Where is she hearing this? You know where? In her head. We get it, they need some DRAMATIC REASON to make the deaths of millions of unborn babies seem like a necessity but they’re beginning to out-crazy even themselves.


And that’s … crazy.

Oh, and this is all about white supremacy, y’all.

Holy Hell.

And we’re not a Democracy.

Man, colleges are really doing some damage to these women.

Enter Rashida Tlaib.

Unhinged … and if anyone knows unhinged, it’s Rashida.



SHE’S 62.

We’re going to bet it’s not that damn many.


If this is the best the Left can come up with to defend Roe they’re in trouble.



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