We knew Birx was bad news, but we didn’t realize how evil she really was.

Not sure how Trump picked his COVID team so badly (it was the worst part of an otherwise fairly successful presidency), but between Fauci and Birx, we’re not sure he could have picked worse. Honestly, we often wonder if perhaps he was listening to someone in his admin giving him bad advice.

Whatever it was, Dr. Birx is trying to paint herself as some sort of Resistance Warrior in her book, ‘Silent Invasion’ but what she’s really doing is admitting to being a disgusting horrible person who did disgusting horrible things to this country. This thread does a pretty good job of tearing her apart:

Because people realize now only was she was playing games with their lives but she’s bragging about it in a tell-all book now. What an opportunist cow …

Millions of lives could have been saved.

Think about how different our response may have been … but apparently, screwing over Trump was more important to Birx. Makes you wonder about Fauci too.


We do too.



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