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Eric Swalwell puts ANOTHER quarter in the nard-punching machine pushing UGLY lie about Jim Jordan and 10-year-old rape victim

Eric Swalwell is oddly obsessed with trolling Jim Jordan right now. Oh sure, his low-IQ supporters are eating this nonsense up with a spoon but honestly, we’re surprised Jim hasn’t told him to cease and desist when it comes to pushing this ugly lie.


Jordan didn’t call the 10-year-old little girl a liar.

He called the media, Left, pro-aborts, etc. liars AFTER the Ohio AG said he hadn’t heard a whisper of this case.

He deleted his tweet because it was no longer correct.

Eric must have nothing else to tweet about. That or he’s worried about Republicans taking the majority in November and worried they’ll investigate him.

Or maybe he’s just a jerk.

Guy who may have banged a Communist Chinese Spy says what?

Guy who tore a*s on national television says what?

C’mon man.

He has NOT.

It never really goes out of session with Eric.


Eric is fluffing feathers for his moron followers, he doesn’t care if it’s true or not.


Seeing a theme here.

And then, you know, maybe investigate him.





Nope, Joe has not apologized for that.

And we’re not holding our breath waiting for it.



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