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INSANITY: Sen. Hawley DRAGS pro-abort witness who called him 'transphobic' for suggesting only women can get pregnant (watch)

Believing only women can get pregnant is transphobic.

Alrighty then, cray-cray.

Wait, does that make us transphobic for thinking her response calling Hawley transphobic is ridiculous? It’s so hard to keep up with the silly rules around identity politics … not sure why we even bother trying to understand it.


Good gravy, she’s a teacher.

What’s REALLY crazy is how proud of herself she is for babbling about cis this and cis that and trans this and trans that … when all that Hawley said is scientifically correct.

Women. Have. Babies.

Why complicate things?


You know this is how she argues on Twitter and you KNOW she’s on Twitter.


Yeah, she has AOC eyes.

Or Adam Schiff eyes.

Always check the eyes.

Don’t ask.



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