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'Ay CARAMBA': Jill Biden's lame apology for comparing Hispanics to breakfast tacos (sent through her Press Secretary) BACKFIRES

Jill Biden is super sorry her racist words during her racist speech pandering to a group she and other Democrats only care about during elections and view as a convenient voting bloc conveyed anything other than admiration and love …


This is a strange way to say she loves tacos.

*cough cough*

And hey, Jill cares so much about offending people the apology is coming through her press secretary.


So much woof.


Or at least her speech writer is.

You’d think she’d have read what she was going to ‘say’, right?



Right? You’d think they’d have come up with something this lame much more quickly.




‘We are NOT tacos’: National Association of Hispanic Journalists shreds DOCTOR Jill Biden for reducing Hispanics to stereotypes

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