About that pregnant 10-year-old girl story …

Megan Fox of PJ Media has been like a dog with a bone when it comes to this story about an alleged 10-year-old girl who had to cross state lines to get an abortion. Red flag after red flag has come up around this story, especially around Dr. Caitlin Bernard, who is the main (only) source for this story.

Seems this doctor has been caught not reporting underage abortions:

From PJ Media:

But some digging into Bernard uncovered that she has been in exactly this same kind of trouble before. Indiana Right to Life audited termination of pregnancy reports that are public records in 2018 and found that nine abortion doctors allegedly failed to report underaged abortions to the health department as required by law. Bernard was one of them.

Forty-eight consumer complaints have been filed against nine Indiana abortion doctors who have allegedly failed to follow the legal reporting requirements to protect young children from sex abuse. The doctors are: Jeffrey Glazer, Caitlin Bernard, Cassandra Cashman, Carol Dellinger, Mandy Gittler, Kathleen Glover, Martin Haskell, Resad Pasic and Sarah Turner. They are employed at all licensed Indiana abortion facilities: Women’s Med Center in Indianapolis, Clinic for Women in Indianapolis, and Planned Parenthood in Indianapolis, Lafayette, Bloomington and Merrillville. [emphasis mine]

Some of the girls under 16 years old who had abortions that weren’t reported to DCS were as young as 12 and 13. The alleged 48 instances of failure to report occurred since July 1, 2017. The 48 consumer complaints have been filed with Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill and the Indiana State Department of Health. The Marion, Lake, Tippecanoe and Monroe county prosecutors have also been notified.

As young as 12 and 13 … 48 INSTANCES!!!

But sure, she’s totally trustworthy with a story like this one.




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