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STUNNING lack of self-awareness, LOL: Randi Weingarten whining about the politicization of schools BACKFIRES spectacularly

Randi Weingarten believes schools are too politicized and it’s all because of those darn politicians.


HA ha.


Would someone pretty please with sugar on top get Randi a mirror?


C’mon, lady.

Wow, she locked this post down fast.

Guessing even she knew this was a stretch, especially coming from her own crap organization.

Sure, it’s the POLITICIANS politicizing education, not the gross and disgusting teacher’s unions that pushed to keep kids out of the classroom so they could spend more time fighting for political power and more money.

We see you, Randi.

For an election, for money, and for political gain.

Like the most POLICIZED effort EVER.


Seriously, we’ve seen bologna sandwiches with more self-awareness.



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