Unless you have your head buried in the sand, by now you’ve heard about the 4chan community hacking into Hunter Biden’s iCloud. And the videos, images, emails, texts, etc. that we are seeing on social media right now are just … wow.

So bad.

Honestly, that anyone would keep this sort of stuff on their iCloud makes ZERO sense BUT then again, we’re talking about an addict who likely believes he is untouchable so why hide? Or maybe he wants to get caught?

Yeah … we don’t know.

Like this video where he’s arguing with a hooker about how much crack he has:

Why. Record. This. In. The. First. Place?

We need a little clapping emoji in between each word for it to really resonate, right?

Donald Trump Jr. took this opportunity to drop the media and of course, the Biden family.

If this video was of Trump Jr? OOOOOOMG, this is all we’d hear about from the media for weeks. They’d probably try and find some loophole to impeach Trump again, even though he’s no longer president. There would be fires in the streets and idiots screaming about Russia Russia Russia.

But since it’s Hunter Biden, you know, the smartest guy OUR FREAKIN’ PRESIDENT knows … crickets.

Looks like at least 10 years jail time, Joe.

Maybe 20.



But mainly broken.

See? That’s what we wonder as well.

Makes ZERO sense.

None of this does.



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