Lefties hate Youngkin because he won and he’s RIGHT about everything.

Schools, masks, gas taxes, tax breaks, jobs, economy, AND CRT. You’d think by now they’d stop pushing the lie that CRT isn’t being taught in our schools, but Loudoun County just can’t seem to get out of Loudoun County’s way.

And guess who is always RIGHT there to keep them ‘honest’?

Ian Prior.

This thread is somethin’ else:

That’s what is the worst, insulting parents who have seen it firsthand to dunk on Youngkin.

This is why they lost and will keep losing.

We can SEE IT.

White individualism? Color group individualism?


… unfair rules they make about race so that white people get more power and are treated better than everybody else.


A group of white people?


White supremacy culture.

No words.


Yeah, looks like Youngkin was telling the truth.


In other words yes, yes they are teaching CRT.



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