Hey, at least Pete Buttigieg isn’t lecturing poor Americans about getting a Tesla if they’re that worried about gas prices this time. Oh, don’t get us wrong, what he said was obnoxious and completely out of touch but at least it’s on a new topic.

Seems he thinks it was ok for frothy-mouthed, Lefty, pro-abort harpies to harass Kavanaugh during his dinner.

Then again, Pete also seems to think abortion was a right (it really never was) but we digress.


We all know if Pete had been harassed during his dinner it would be nothing but EVIL RIGHT-WING HATERS ATTACK!

A majority of hate-filled, chest-thumping hosebeasts supported Roe … ya’ know, that would be true.


And that’s why so many of them are pissed off.

SCOTUS did its job.

And yet it fits in perfectly with the Biden administration.

Funny how that works out.



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