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MORE than just censorship: Josh Denny comes out SWINGING against woke Lefties trying to destroy him in MERCILESS thread

We’ve written about Josh Denny before, a comedian who originally had a pretty entertaining show on FoodNetwork but was let go because you know, he’s not hip to killing unborn babies out of convenience and believes in that mean old Constitution.


Gawd forbid FoodNetwork have anyone like THAT on their entertainment roster.

Seems Lefties have been working overtime to try to do more than just ‘cancel’ him.

Take a look:

Now that is some dirty pool right there.

And something we absolutely believe haters and trolls are willing to do

He’s right.

They’ve gone past just trying to silence or cancel people, they want them destroyed.

But you know, people on the Right are the fascists. *eye roll*

Yes, Twitter will allow it because people like Josh and people they disagree with (like this editor) deserve it.


Anything it takes to protect their flawed narrative from being challenged.


Sadly, it doesn’t look like Elon Musk will be doing anything to help people on Twitter as he’s walked away from his offer UNLESS of course this is some sort of bargaining tool to keep from having to pay so much for so many fake users, bots, and trolls.

But we’re not holding our breath.



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