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Ok, BYE FELICIA: Joe Walsh proudly announcing he's no longer a Republican (for like the 20th time) does NOT go well for him

Look at Joe Walsh trying to pretend he was still a Republican. Hasn’t he already announced he’s leaving the party several times?

Oooh, and big edgy curse words.


We looked through his tweets and yeah …

And here he is saying he’s politically homeless … a year ago.

A year and a month ago …

A month ago.


Almost a year ago.

So yeah, he’s been doing this for attention for a while … and who could blame him? The idiots he’s pandering to eat it up.

The rest of us though? Not so much.

When you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.




At least.

C’mon, that’s an insult to clowns everywhere.



Julia Ioffe babbling about how TIRED she is of ‘white male fragility’ while blaming Kavanaugh HIMSELF for being harassed (threatened) BACKFIRES

DBAG William LeGate CHEERS Lefties making fake Morton’s reservations costing servers much-needed tips then tries deleting (but we got ’em)

RUH-ROH! 4chan community claims to have hacked Hunter Biden’s iCloud account and if some of this stuff is LEGIT … YIKES

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