Lefty pro-aborts punishing Morton’s servers because they’re too stupid to know abortion isn’t banned. Classy.

But we’ve never accused the Left of actually caring about the consequences of their actions when they are throwing yet another of their temper tantrums because they’re not getting their way. Take for example, William LeGate (you know, the lefty pillow guy) who was cheering jackwads all over the country making fake reservations at Morton’s Steakhouses because they not only allowed Kavanaugh to eat dinner there, but were unhappy with the protesters harassing him.


Note, William deleted his thread of tweets all but calling people to action … and yes, it’s all our fault people saw it that way.

Except you know, tweets don’t lie.

And neither do retweets.

Gosh, retweeting a link for people to use to make a reservation looks a lot like he was encouraging all of this.

Oh, and of course the screenshots (note, we typically do not use our own tweets but we’re making an exception here).

Looks a lot like he’s encouraging it to us.

Laughing it up … and feeding ‘red meat’ (pun intended) to his 176k followers.


And now he’s pretending to scold people for making fake reservations.

Now, you’d think if William wasn’t instigating and pushing people to make fake reservations at Morton’s he wouldn’t have been receiving tweets like this from people BRAGGING about setting up their fake reservations.

There are so many of these:

He’s deleted everything except this:

Oh, and one other tweet begging people to buy his crap pillows.

Meanwhile, we are seeing some tweets that Morton’s is now requiring a credit card when people make a reservation, and since most of the losers booking fake reservations probably live in their parent’s basement this should hopefully curtail this tantrum going forward.



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