Julia Ioffe is blaming Kavanaugh for his being harassed.

Guess his skirt was too short.

Except it’s gone past just ‘yelling at him in public.’ The moment the gunman was caught on his property with the intent to kill him, it all changed. It’s cute how hard our pals on the Left work to ignore the assassination attempt while blaming Kavanaugh for being harassed at a restaurant.

They’ve never forgiven him for beating them.


How is sending abortion back to the states ruthless?

She was really rolling … wow.

We’re talking about Kavanaugh, Julia, not Merrick Garland.




Ya’ know, we thought this was annoying … until we say a bunch of white liberal men cheering her on.


It’s so easy having your life threatened by some crazy person because you ruled via the Constitution.


We’re so so so tired of white liberal female fragility.


Yes it is.


All of the dragging aside (and there is a whole lost more), the number of white liberal men applauding her thread is just damn depressing.

When did so many so-called men start self-neutering? Seriously.



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