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'Shameful and embarrassing': As of 7:50 am D.C. time, Biden's White House has said nothing about Shinzo Abe’s assassination (but Trump has); Updated

Far be it for us to tell President Pudding Pop how to do his job but you’d THINK the assassination of the former Japanese Prime Minister would garner at least a tweet from him or the White House, even though gosh golly and gee, it’s so HARD being president 24 hours a day.


He must need his nappy.

Although let’s be honest, whatever he tweets, writes, or says won’t be from him anyway, why not just get it out the door? We suppose the interns doing all of this need their shut-eye too.

People are less than impressed (as usual):

Biden could learn a thing or two from Trump. Just sayin’.

Up and at ’em, ready to go.

Meanwhile, crickets from Sleepy Joe at the time of this article.

Oh TOTALLY, we’re already seeing rumblings of this on Lefty Twitter. Somehow, someway, they will make this about the Second Amendment even though it didn’t happen here, and then they’ll blame the Right for it.

So damn predictable.


Awww, remember that little dig from the 2016 election?

Side note: Holy crap, time flies!


THAT’S right, the adults are back in charge now.

They must need more sleep or something.

Priorities ya’ know.

We will keep an eye out for Biden or his White House to release a statement and keep you posted. 



The statement was released around 9 am D.C. time … pretty sure that basically made him last.

And of course, GUN VIOLENCE.

Couldn’t help themselves, could they?



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