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Nothing to see here! Greg Price highlights point-by-point the parts Joe Biden has played in Hunter Biden's sleazy dealings and HOOBOY

Biden Crime Family is absolutely accurate.

Sorry, not sorry.

For years now (yup, years), Biden’s supporters have continued to insist Hunter Biden being a no-good, corrupt, sleazebag has no bearing on Sleepy Joe, and that we’re just trying to find a way to make Joe as corrupt as Trump or something. But what Greg Price did here shuts all of that down … shuts them up?

Both work.

He went through and explained what we’ve recently learned about Hunter, and the part Joe played in all of his dealings.

The Russian prostitution ring … wow.

Did Joe know Hunter would do that? Who knows? But even if he didn’t know, he inadvertently funded Russian prostitution.


What really looks bad here is Joe selling American oil reserves to a Chinese company Hunter has financial ties to – wonder if ‘the big guy’ got his 10%?

Because they don’t want to admit the guy they wanted is far worse than the guy they spent four years hating and trying to destroy.

Now that is something we’d watch.

That being said, we’re not holding our breath that any sort of justice will be seen here.

Oh YEAH, that little tidbit.

Especially damning considering the big deal Biden and the media made about Hunter being strong enough to get clean …

Weirdo is more like it but yes.

If this was Trump Jr. or Eric Trump this is all we’d hear about from our pals in the media, 24/7.

Hollywood would probably put together some sort of bizarre, ‘Save Us From the Trump’s Corruption’ prime-time special.

We’re only sorta joking.



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