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ME-OW! COVID doomer Taylor Lorenz's paranoid thread about LONG COVID and not trusting blue-check docs on Twitter BACKFIRES

STOP trying to make COVID-22 happen, it’s NOT happening.

No, seriously, knock it off. It’s old. Americans have moved on as new and even more dangerous challenges arise under Biden like out-of-control inflation and gas so expensive people are choosing between a full tank and food on their tables.


Must be nice to be someone like Taylor Lorenz who can waste time on Twitter whining about blue-check doctors not taking long COVID seriously enough. We are starting to wonder if she WANTS people not to like her.

Says the blue-check expert?

Think she’s bright enough to see the irony in her yammering on about blue-check doctors not knowing COVID?

Never mind, we’re going to guess she does not.

Instead, read someone I know will scare TF out of you.


Ok, her complaining about being called a COVID doomer as she acts like a total COVID doomer is pretty damn hilarious. And you know, we have to call her that now.



So she doesn’t want people to listen to doctors, just to the media.

Yikes, that’s a horrible take.

And one she was called out for:

Good Lord.


Taylor snapped back:


With all due respect … right.


So close!



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