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'What a POOR justification': Brit Hume goes SCORCHED EARTH on January 6 Committee Hearings and their defenders and just wow

Brit Hume is usually fairly mild-mannered on Twitter. He will occasionally ‘snark’ at someone stupid but for the most part, his tweets are pretty factual and mellow, and he doesn’t argue with stupid people.


Until he DOES argue with stupid people and then … look out. Although he’s not really arguing, he’s just explaining to them in great detail why they’re wrong.

Case in point:

This is the Nance Pelosi show and we all know it. She deliberately chose two Republicans she knew would push her narrative so they and the media could push the notion that it’s a BIPARTISAN committee.

And Americans can see it is anything but …

Cue the January 6 Committee defenders:




Brit responded.

In a way, this committee is matching this so-called ‘disgraceful post-election behavior.’

Ummm, so when does the defense get a shot?

See, we’re almost as smart as Brit.




Oh boy.


What Brit said.

All freakin’ day.

This is really nothing more than a taxpayer-funded ad for the DNC.



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