Maybe a stray basketball hit Rex Chapman in the head at some point in his sad career? Because WOOF, this take was just pathetic. Is Rex really so racist himself that he believes any person of color in an elected capacity shouldn’t be challenged, especially the president?

This is … this is bad.

Like really bad.

Comparing Mitch McConnell to Strom Thurmond because he’s proud that he kept Merrick Garland, who clearly does not understand or respect the Constitution, off SCOTUS. Really, dude? Insisting we treat Obama with kid gloves and let him have his way JUST because he’s black seems really insulting, demeaning, and yes, RACIST.

He continued.

So if another Black man challenged Obama that would have been ok? What now?

Says the white guy.

Painful, dude.

And everyone is pointing and laughing at him.

People with common sense.

People with a brain in their heads.

People who aren’t racist.

Hey, he used to be able to jump really high and stuff.

All signs point to yes.

Yes, he is.



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