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Glenn Greenwald takes extremely rich Lefty Margaret Atwood APART after she mocks Americans for caring more about gas prices than abortion

Silly poors, worried about gas prices. Don’t you all know it’s far more important for people to be able to abort to their heart’s content and worry about the end of the world because big ol’ meanies keep using fossil fuels?



The Left used to claim it was the Right who only cared about the wealthy … boy howdy, have they proved THAT is and was always a bunch of BS. While most Americans are trying to figure out what groceries they can give up so they can afford a full tank of gas, people like Margaret Atwood think that’s funny.

Always keepin’ it classy. So is the shadow daughter asking the shadow mom why she wasn’t able to abort her?


Umm, what?

Annnd we’re dead.

Glenn Greenwald ripped Margaret Atwood … he ripped them ALL.


How absolutely out of touch is she?

Don’t answer that, we know.

Suck it up for freedom.

Eff. These. People.

And this led to another older and even more brutal tweet where he dropped Stephen Colbert.

Read the room, a-holes.



‘Stupid and LEFTY thing to say’: Mollie Hemingway OWNS Liz Cheney for pulling a Hillary Clinton during speech at Reagan Library

BUSTED! GMA deleting tweet that called Ketanji Brown Jackson the ‘first Black SCOTUS justice’ in U.S. history goes so so so WRONG

Bro, that’s racist AF: White savior Rex Chapman claims McConnell is RACIST for blocking the ‘first Black president’s’ SCOTUS nominee and HOO BOY


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