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Jan 6th Committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin falls APART under basic questioning from Jake Tapper on Hutchinson's testimony (watch)

Ok, this is hilarious.

Watch Rep. Jamie Raskin, the sneaky little snake, try and keep from answering Jake Tapper’s questions about Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony on Trump attacking the secret service agent … you know, the agent who said he’s ready to testify that this did not happen.


And the fact Tapper didn’t let Raskin off the hook? We almost wonder if he thinks this is all BS too.

Watch this:

The music behind this clip just kills us.

Well-played, MRCTV.

Even Jamie has to know it’s all BS at this point.

From Jake Tapper even, yup.

We’re STILL waiting for Adam Schiff to provide the evidence he claimed he had that would prove WITHOUT A DOUBT Trump colluded with Russia.


Yeah, this has all been pretty gross.

For Liz Cheney as well.

This is an insult to morons everywhere.

Too bad the joke is on all of us.



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