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'This is BIG': Jan 6th Committee accused of withholding and misrepresenting testimony and critical evidence by KEY witness

January 6th key witness Ken Klukowski has accused the January 6th Committee of lying about testimony, and withholding/misrepresenting critical evidence.

Gosh, they’d surely never lie to make their silly little hearings into something more than they are, right?


We are SO KIDDING, this has felt like a giant pile of BS from day one and good ol’ Liz Cheney is sitting right on top of it.

Sorry for the visual, heh.

And yes, this IS a key witness. Wow.

From Breitbart:

Klukowski was one of over 1,000 witnesses called to testify before the committee behind closed doors. He sat for several depositions, and for several hours at a time.

Behind closed doors.

That’s also key.

The January 6 Committee falsely accused me on Thursday of being a go-between in a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election. That accusation is false both in its broad outlines and its details. Since the Committee first contacted me, I have cooperated without hesitation, provided it with hundreds of documents, and sat for many hours of recorded depositions. The information produced from those efforts fully contradicts the Committee’s statements regarding my actions, yet the Committee has chosen to keep such information to itself rather than share it with the public.

I call on the Committee to release in their entirety the transcripts of both of my Committee depositions, so that the American people can see an accurate and truthful account of my activities, not the distorted and demonstrably false narrative now being spun.


Cheney needs that false narrative though, almost more than anyone else.

Margot Cleveland went OFF:

Let’s not pretend they’ve ever really been straight with the American people.

But wait, there’s more.

We adore Margot and her rants, true story.


She has handed the Left and Democrats ammunition to attack the very people who supported her and got her to where she is today. We’re not sure there is anything lower.

That. ^


Liz would have to know what shame is to feel it and clearly, she has no idea.

Our only hope is for Wyoming to fire her in August and from what we’re seeing (Liz is BEGGING Wyoming Democrats to switch parties the day of the primary and vote for her) they’re absolutely going to do it.

Let’s go WYO.



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