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G4TV host Gina Darling apologizes for transphobic comments after she says men can't get pregnant in Roe rant and LMAO

Remember the good old days when ‘feminists’ could claim, ‘If men were able to get pregnant abortion would be the most LEGAL thing in the country’? Yeah, they can’t do that so much anymore, unless they want to get called out for being transphobic and stuff.


The fact we’re not joking doesn’t make this any less funny.

Seems Miss Gina Darling of G4TV made the mistake of using the OLD feminist talking points and had to apologize … ROFL.

Eating. Their. Own.

People born with mail reproductive organs? Can’t they just change those?


Oh, man, our sides.

We can see where that might happen.

It’s painful.

Yet hilarious, all in one.


Isn’t it though?


Ya’ know, it’s so hard to tell.

It really does.

And that’s the scariest part of all.

Stop being so transphobic, Gina. Sheesh.



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