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Bro, do you even CIVICS?! Max Boot OWNED for whining about evil red states having two Senators in dunk on SCOTUS rulings

Sooo Max Boot is officially a Lefty now, right? We’re asking because this opinion from him sounds like he handed his brain over to the Lefty Brainwash Brigade and joined them full-time. How this guy was ever considered a conservative voice in any way, shape, or form is beyond this editor.


Seriously, this is a Civics 101 fail  …

Woof, Max has really jumped the shark this time.

From WaPo:

So, if the Supreme Court is going to be a forum for legislating, shouldn’t it respect the views of two-thirds of the country? But our perverse political system has allowed a militant, right-wing minority to hijack the law. As an Economist correspondent points out, “5 of the 6 conservative Supreme Court justices were appointed by a Republican Senate majority that won fewer votes than the Democrats” and “3 of the 6 were nominated by a president who also won a minority of the popular vote.”

First and foremost, the Senate represents the STATES, not the people, AND HE SHOULD KNOW THIS, DAMMIT. Population has zero to do with state representation in the Senate; every state gets TWO. Secondly, we’re a Republic so the popular vote means Jack and squat, and Jack left town. Honestly, we’re starting to wonder if he’s being ignorant on purpose for the rate clicks and taps because this is dumb. Like, REALLY dumb.



Pretty simple, Max.

Unless you’re a Lefty.




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