Jennifer Rubin is really really really upset about Roe being overturned. Apparently, giving this issue back to the voters is somehow a super bad thing so she’s trying to ‘get creative’ and find ways for women to continue aborting OR punishing states that ‘force birth’.

Because you know, the defining characteristic of a woman’s success is whether or not she can abort her unborn child.

What a horrible woman.

See where she’s going with this?


So if you’re traveling to Texas you should be able to cancel a trip, just in case you want to get an abortion there and gosh golly gee, ya’ can’t.

We can’t make this level of stupid up.

Forced-birth states.

Jenn must think women’s vaginas just drag them around FORCING them to get pregnant.


She hasn’t always been this pathetic.

No, really.

Yeah, before the grift of giving up everything she stood for became super lucrative, Jenn was pro-life.

Responsibility?! GET OUTTA HERE.




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