We get it. National Review was never really a fan of Trump’s so we’re hardly surprised to see them push an article basically calling it dumb luck that Trump’s SCOTUS picks were able to overturn Roe. Apparently, this would have totally happened if Hillary had won in 2016 …


From National Review (behind a paywall, really?):

Trump is an opportunist who got out in front of the parade.

So, no, the Dobbs decision does not make me regret opposing Donald Trump in 2016. If anything, it highlights exactly how shallow and dishonest Trumpist criticism of the conservative movement often has been.

Donald Trump was, until he decided he wanted the Republican presidential nomination, an across-the-board social progressive: not only pro-abortion but “very pro-choice” in his own words, a supporter of gay marriage, a supporter of left-wing gun-control proposals, etc. He was economically on the left, too: For example, Trump supported a national wealth tax far in excess of anything dreamed up by Elizabeth Warren or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. When Trump was asked what kind of justice he’d nominate for the Supreme Court, he suggested his sister — who is not exactly Clarence Thomas.

Kevin sadly misses the point here and truth be told, this editor used to really admire him.

Trump appointed three SCOTUS justices who supported Alito (and Thomas) in overturning Roe.


The end.

The rest of this is just noise being used by snooty conservatives who refuse to accept they were wrong, and instead of accepting they were wrong they are doubling down and pretending their principles are far more important than saving the lives of millions of unborn babies.

Some things, and some people, never change.




As you can see, this is not exactly going over well … with anyone.

But hey, it’s getting clicks and taps, right guys?

Can’t even give Trump a win when he’s earned it, can they?



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