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CRAZY thread of CRAZIER Lefties proves the REAL danger in America is frothy-mouthed nut-jobs losing their MINDS over Roe

As Twitchy readers know, SCOTUS finally adhered to the Constitution and struck down Roe v. Wade yesterday (Friday), and it was a glorious thing. Millions of lives were saved just like that. Shockingly, the Left has been handling the decision very well, with peaceful protests and plans of organizing and getting the vote out …



Holy crap, we’re just kidding.

No no, they’ve lost their minds – some would even say they’ve lost their shiznit. From AOC putting together some strange ‘Underground Railroad’ for women who want abortions to Maxine Waters screaming, ‘TO HELL WITH THE SUPREME COURT,’ the Left has been a giant ball of crazy, hate, and stupid all wrapped up in one horrible dumpster fire.

Auron MacIntyre, who was good enough to put together a thread of blue-checks losing their marbles over the carry conceal ruling earlier this week, was good enough to put together another thread … of Leftists calling for political violence.

Not that Twitter will do a damn thing about it though:

Totally sane.


Says the white guy.

Does that make him a white supremacist? Asking for a friend.



So unoriginal.

Says the blue check which means Twitter ‘verifies’ his comments.

Carlos tweets all of this garbage and won’t be held accountable when stupid people do what he says.

Unless it’s a bunch of Americans who question the legitimacy of a presidential election, then it lands them in jail without charges for 18 months and counting.

And they think they’re the good guys.




You know this person is a LOT of fun at birthday parties and family gatherings.

25 likes on this one.

Good Lord.

Eli got all big and bad about this tweet … then ‘they’ deleted it.

Yeah, that will NOT go the way they think. Guess how many people in these rural areas are armed to the teeth?

Not exactly poetic.

Public education at work.



Tolerant, kind, Lefties. *yeeesh*

But you know, WHITE SUPREMACISTS and EVIL PARENTS are the real dangers in America.

Biden says so.



‘MAJOR fact-check needed here’: Katie Pavlich drops the fact-HAMMER on Biden’s speech on SCOTUS overturning Roe

Feels INSURRECTION-Y: Maxine Waters goes on insane rant screeching ‘TO HELL WITH THE SUPREME COURT’ (watch)

Womp-WOMP: Rosie O’Donnell VERY disappointed in her hero Liz Cheney who was QUICK to cheer SCOTUS Roe ruling

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