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INSURRECTION-Y: Keith Olbermann claiming it's 'necessary' to DISSOLVE SCOTUS while melting down over gun ruling BACKFIRES (pun intended)

Keith Olbermann is just unhinged. Seriously.

Wondering if being passed up at MSNBC was the final straw that broke crazy’s back? Apparently, Keith thinks SCOTUS should be dissolved because they understand what the words, ‘shall not be infringed’ mean in the Second Amendment.


Sounds pretty insurrection-y, right?

Forced guns upon?


Ya’ know, we read it and nowhere does it say, ‘We are forcing guns UPON people.’ Someone wanna break out the puppets and crayons and explain this to Keith?


And not in a funny way.

Laughs in Rachel Maddow.

This really is good advice … but he’s like this train wreck with fluffy white hair and we can’t stop looking.


Would appear so.

Right? If (when) SCOTUS shoots down Roe these people are going to lose their freakin’ minds.

This reads.

And a freakin’ nap.

Not enough tissue in the world for Keith.



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