Gosh, we’d almost forgotten how awful John Fugelsang can be. Almost.

Not entirely sure where in his little mind he thought a tweet like this, where he is basically accusing Tim Scott of ‘entertaining’ racists to keep his job, was appropriate but here we are. Gotta love it when Leftist, white men (or women) remind us who the racists really are and that the Democratic Party has never really changed its stripes.

They still think they ‘own’ people of color.

Check this out:

Accusing a Black man who’s a Republican of keeping his job because he smiles for racists.

And keep in mind, John is WHITE making this crap statement.

Barrington Martin II blasted him:

John really thought this was a good response:

He’s not a Democrat. RIIIIIIIGHT.

And again, calling Tim Scott an apologist for the Confederate Flag?

Dude, stop digging.

Unoriginal and abhorrent.

That’s Fugelsang.

True story.



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