Eric Swalwell has a history of sharing outlandish stories that he can never seem to prove actually happened. For example, he once claimed his son (who we believe is like four?) asked him what he was going to do to stop gun violence, and then when people called BS he shared a photo of his son watching CNN to prove his story …

He also shared texts.

But it still didn’t add up.

Then yesterday he claimed he saw a father and a son and the father said something stupid about how Eric didn’t support Trump or something.

Again, stupid.

FINALLY, he shared this last night …

Ok, it’s possible that some backwoods crazy redneck from Georgia called Eric and threatened him sounding like the most embarrassing caricature the Left can come up with when describing someone on the Right, especially one of MTG’s supporters. But c’mon man, really?

This sounds like some idiot who has never actually spoken to someone in the south trying to make themselves sound southern.

And considering how often Swalwell pushes BS? Plus he put his freakin’ logo on it? HA HA HA HA

Yeah, we’re not sold on this being legit.

Could be.



All that’s missing is a WHOOOOO DAWGIE at the end.

Yeah, we noticed that as well.

Seems we’re not the only ones who don’t believe this is a real threat.

Hey, if it is we hope he was smart enough to actually do more than just post it on Twitter for attention, but the fact he posted it on Twitter for attention with his LOGO on it?




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