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COWARDS! Harris Teeter/Kroger both DRAGGED for being quick to bend the knee after Lefty SCOLDS whine about patriotic 'coozies'

Starting to wonder if it’s a requirement for anyone running as a Democrat to be an annoying scold. Like, is there some test they all have to take beforehand to prove they’re JUST annoying enough to run as a Democrat?

Case in point, Christy Clark is a Congressional candidate (Democrat, duh) in North Carolina, and apparently she was SO disturbed by a couple of beer coozies in her local store that she took to Twitter to shame Harris Teeter/Kroger.

Oh NO, she’s disappointed to see patriotic coozies TWO WEEKS before Independence Day.

The nerve of grocery stores selling products she doesn’t approve of.

Nope, that’s not what they did at all.

They were both quick to bend that knee …


FFS, people, grow a pair already, would ya’?

In the process of appeasing one or two crazies on the Left, they pissed everyone else off. Not a great strategy like at all.


We’re not holding our breath for an answer on this one.

That’s right. After Christy got her way she locked down replies so people can’t respond to her.

Although they did, a lot.

It does indeed have to stop.

Christy wasn’t the only annoying scold trying to take things she disapproves of from other people … there was this gal too:

But she deleted her tweet and went private after people called her out.

So many scolds … way too much time on their hands.



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