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TFG --> Adam Schiff-For-Brains WALLOPED for claiming he has evidence tying Trump to January 6th BUUUT he can't share it cuz reasons (watch)

Remember when Adam Schiff claimed he had evidence about Russia that would END Trump?

Good times.

Welp, sounds like the biggest liar in Congress (and that’s NO small fete) claims he has evidence that will tie Trump to January 6th BUT he can’t share it because he doesn’t want to get ahead of the hearing. Wonder if another radio DJ pranked him into thinking he has naked pictures of Trump. Again.


Yeah, this guy is a real neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie:

How many times are they going to let him get away with lying before they stop bringing him on?

Wait, it’s CNN.

Never mind.

Fair point. Adam’s base is desperate and he knows how to keep stringing them along … look at what he, Nadler, Pelosi and others did for four years with that whole Russia thing. He excels at deceiving the American people – no wonder he’s a Democrat.


True story.

Accurate AF.



It’s CNN.

And Democrats.

So YES, yes they can.



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