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Mic DROP! 18-year-old white male DECIMATES white liberal female doctor tsk-tsking white middle school boys for going 'alt-right' in EPIC thread

It all started here, with a tweet from Dr. Danna Young basically smearing white middle school boys claiming if they’re not ‘pulled out’ they end up in the alt-right pipeline. Why is it ALWAYS white, middle-aged, liberal women?


Don’t answer that, we know why.

Note, she went on to blame gaming, social media, and ‘niche online spaces’ in a rather long-winded and sanctimonious thread we won’t bore you with.

What we will share with you is Daniel Schmidt’s thread-reply TO the good doctor since you know, he’s 18 and only 5 years ago he was himself a white, middle school boy.

Check this out.

Middle school boys, especially white middle school boys, are supposedly SO PRIVILEGED they start getting targeted.

Keep going.



Good question.

It’s BS … but yes, yes they do push that women are somehow underrepresented in higher education.


For once, you feel like you’re not alone.

This. ^






As Dems become more and MORE unpopular, Eric Swalwell tries pretending it’s NOT Democrat vs. Republican and HOOBOY that’s a lotta backfire

We’re not crying, YOU’RE crying! Father’s Day thread about the ‘gift’ his dad gave him an absolutely lovely must-read (grab some tissue first)

Blue-check Canadian doctor goes on BLOCKING spree after people mock his holier-than-thou virtue-signaling-on-steroids MASK pushing

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