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Dad who barely survived COVID makes Taylor Lorenz look like even MORE of a jacka*s for shaming Matt Yglesias for 'joking' about catching COVID

As Twitchy readers know, Taylor Lorenz went after Matt Yglesias for making light of his catching COVID because apparently when someone catches it they CAN NOT JOKE ABOUT IT because God forbid anyone cope with humor. We’re not entirely sure what bug crawled up her backside years ago but whatever it was, yikes.


After shaming Yglesias here …

She went on to shame an actual COVID survivor, and not just any survivor but someone who was in a coma and has experienced life-changing effects from the virus she doesn’t want anyone joking about. User @Real_Life_Dad shared his experience with Lorenz perhaps in the hope that she’d figure out it’s ok to keep your sense of humor about well, any and everything. It’s how some of us actually get through the worst of times.



All the BOOM.

So much boom it went around to not boom and then back to BOOM.

And amen.

Taylor, seeing the error of her ways thanked him for a little reality and perspective … PSYCH.

She doubled down on awful and lectured him on ‘lateral ableism’.

Talk about a villain.

He just had this to say to her …

Let’s be honest, we’ve met moldy bologna sandwiches who are more likable than she is.


Now, THIS is an ARGLE BARGLE RAR if we’ve ever seen one.

She certainly isn’t helping make herself any more likable, that’s for sure.



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